VAK- BUDO – 2018

(Soleil Zeuhl 55 // CD)






This is VAk’s second CD but their real first album as the 1st CD was a compilation of early works (2 Eps) recorded over a long time period and not initially intended for physical release. We have now a very mature band and a slightly different line-up : Aurelie Saintecroix (vocals), Vladimir Mejstelman (drums and compos), Joël Crouzet (bass and guitar) and Alexandre Michaan (keys & compos). With also guests on sax, flute & guitars. The album features 3 long tracks (2 clockin’ over 20 minutes). The music is strongly rooted into Zeuhl sounds, the closest comparison could possibly be Eskaton because of the beautiful wordless singing of Aurelie. Strong rhythm section and great keys works by Alex. Udi Koomran did the mastering. This is certainly one of the best albums of the zeuhl genre since long !