Le vent de l’esprit souffle où il veut

(Soleil Mutant 44 // CD) -TO ORDER- 

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Reissue of the band’s sole album, recorded in 1978. This a jazz-rock album with few zeuhl elements, references are more likely to be found into Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters. I always loved this one because of the high energy involved, the good vibe, the passionate playing and the fabulous bass lines of Alain Lecointe, very much into Jaco Pastorius territory. Led by composer Jacques Liot, the album features a stellar cast of musicians : Alain Lecointe on bass (Serge Bringolf’s Strave, Alain Eckert, Hamsa Music), Richard Raux (Magma 1st incarnation), Lionel Ledissez (Ergo Sum) etc. Nadavati belongs to the tiny number of 70s French bands that went that way : Spheroe, Chute Libre, Transit Express, CCCP. Also comparable to the recent album of Planeto Imaginario both exploring instrumental landscapes between jazz-rock & progressive.