Dai Kaht II – 2020

(Soleil Zeuhl 58 // CD) 






A band singing in their created own language (named “Kolöniel”), does that remind you another band ? Yes, you’re right THAT Kobaïan band led by a famous French drummer!

DAI KAHT story begins in Finland when Atte Kemppainen, future founder member and composer of DAI KAHT heard a medley by… (no, you’re wrong, NOT Magma) Japanese band RUINS ! It was through this initial shock that he (later) discovered MAGMA. In 2013, he formed DAI KAHT with other band mates coming from various local horizons, notably a Finish King Crimson cover band “Project Crimson King”. The band 1st concert happened in 2014 and they issued their 1st album in 2017.

 The 1st album was about a spaceship (“Doover Üouh”) which departs a dying earth in the far future. The destination of this journey is a great planet (“Dai Kaht”). This 2nd album has the spaceship reaching its destination. Colonization begins, two territories emerge (“Hhaimland” and “Eterniya”) and humanity falls again into self-destruction & violence. In summary, we now know that Kobaïa has a twin sister planet.

 OK for the plot… but what about the music itself ?

What we have here, in DAI KAHT second album, is something strongly recalling Magma, with a rockier edge and the use of Magma patterns as fun gimmicks. With some occasional prog overtones. Those who enjoyed CORIMA’s 1st album should appreciate this one as well. The same kind of fun you may experience with KOENJI HYAKKEI (but less intense). Zeuhl goes rock!

 Current 2020 line-up of the band :

Atte Kemppainen, Lead Vocals/Bass/Composition

(Kolöniel name: Alemaahr Kempah)

Ville Sirviö, Lead Guitar

(Kolöniel name: Willargh Shirow)

Roope Pelkonen, Keyboards/Vocals (

Kolöniel name: Kaszpar Gorkeulhzennh)

Osmo Saarinen, Drums/Percussions/Vocals

(Kolöniel name: Ozamö Sharif)