CORIMA – Amaterasu 

(Soleil Zeuhl 50 // CD)


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Corima’s second official album (and third opus). After their much appreciated album « Quetzalcoatl » from 2012, « Amaterasu » shows the band exploring new territories and developping a more personal vision, less Magma-focused & more diverse.

The album features only 2 very long tracks, each being divided in several sub-segments.

Track 1 (« Tsukutomi » parts 1 -3 for a total of nearly 20 minutes) is a long instrumental act, at the border of highly eruptive jazz-rock, prog & RIO.

Track 2 (« Amaterasu » parts 1-6 for a total of 28 minutes), is the Zeuhl plat de resistance of the album, a very long track firmly rooted into the Zeuhl aesthetic (etheral vocals, Fender rhodes, repetitive hypnotic patterns).

A special mention to the impressive work of Andrea Calderon on violin, all over the album.

« Quetzalcoatl » was a highly explosive & fun album, often compared to Koenji Hyakkei’s wild exuberance, while « Amaterasu » is a more complex beast, the album of a mature band.

Let’s cross the fingers for the future…long live Corima !

Extracts can be heard here :