Indiens d’Europe

(Soleil Zeuhl 14 co-produced by 12 prod. // CD)

out of print

Line-up is:

- James Mac GAW (Magma, One Shot): bass (yes, not guitar, he plays bass too)

- Daniel JEAND’HEUR (One Shot): drums, percussions

- Thierry BRUNEAU: electric hurdy gurdy

The music was recorded live during summer 2005 and is very heavy, the electric hurdy gurdy being treated like a guitar with a lot of power & distorsions. Folk is just a basis for this powerful great jam between 3 exceptionnal players that each push the boundaries of their instrument in very unusual ways : distorted electric hurdy gurdy, explosive drums & a HUGE Zeuhl bass that goes chorus almost every minute. Difficult to name… explosive-zeuhl-folk?