La fin des Temples – 2020

(Soleil Zeuhl 59 // CD) 


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The music of “La fin des temples” was written by James MAC GAW in 2004, then member of MAGMA & ONE SHOT. This long track was composed as an homage to the music of MAGMA and to Christian VANDER.

In 2018 James gathered a group of musicians for rehearsing the piece, then record it for releasing a CD. The recording sessions began in 2019 and ended during spring 2020, supervised by James as artistic director and producer.

Sébastien ROCQUEFELTE :vocals (lead)

Antoine THARREAU :fender rhodes & various keys

Anthony LECOMTE :electric bass

Louis GODART :guitar

Fabrice FOSSE :marimba

Daniel JEAND’HEUR :drums & percussions

Bruno RUDER :fender Rhodes & keys

Mathilde BORSONI, Solène GENDRE & Didier CORBEL :choir