VAK started in 2008, initiated by a drummer (Vladimir Mejstelman, ex-Grand Cerf, Laab Asi Ji-Sui ) and a vocalist (Aurélie Saintecroix) who thrived on 1970s rock and especially Magma’s music. Over the years, the band expanded its music with broader and more extreme influences, integrating new members coming from various musical horizons, from metal (Thomas Bourgenot –VAK’s guitarist until 2016–, Joël Crouzet, ADHARA ) to experimental noise music (Alexandre Michaan, MARPL, MUR ) and classical music (Juliette Drigny –VAK’s flutist until 2016)

After two auto-produced EPs largely marked by the construction of an identity still very close to the “zeuhl” influence (recorded between 2012 and 2014 and reedited by the record label Soleil Zeuhl under the title Aedividea), VAK evolves towards a progressive rock slightly odder and more experimental, with an increasing interest in other progressive spheres such as the Rock in Opposition scene.

Between 2015 and 2017, the band works on a new opus, gathering its various stylistic influences within long compositions that will become in 2018 their first album, Budo.

With this record, the band becomes a quartet, occasionally enhanced by guest instruments (such as guitars or flute, which had been more systematically present until Aedividea).

The music of VAK is now focused on the fusion of a frantic and rough progressive rock and more alternative or atmospheric music genres,exploring pathways between 1970s rock experiments and current musical avant-gardes.