Festival 2013

A BIG thank to all of you who came from abroad for our very first live event. With almost 100 tickets sold, it is a success. Thanks again to the audience & thumbs up for the four bands for their great performances!

Alain L.

opening of festival : Alain Lebon


Setna – Yannick Duchene


Neom – William Pwaelzik

Scherzoo – Renaud Vernet et Maxime Mantovani

Scherzoo – François Thollot

Unit Wail – Adrian Luna

Unit Wail – Franck Fromy

photos : Philippe Aernout

We are happy to announce the first ever SZ live event, with 4 bands playing the same evening :


The place is the friendly hall “Le Zèbre de Belleville”, a hall located in central Paris (tube stations

“Belleville” or “Couronnes” – line 2 or 11). Please see below the map of the area.

Hour : not yet determined (doors will probably open at 5.00 pm or so for a first show starting around

5.30). End of the last show around 10.30 pm (the hall has to be empty by 11.30 pm).

There is a bar inside where you can have drinks and maybe small food. By all means, the outside area

offers A LOT of food possibilities of all kinds.

The theater-like deco inside is very friendly, see pictures below.

Admission : 28 euros

Please drop us an email soleilzeuhl@gmail.com

mentioning your name and forename & we’ll send you a Paypal invoice.

After payment, we’ll send you a confirmation with a reservation number. Please print our mail and

come with it (if you forget, no big matter, we’ll have the list).

As probably some of you will stay in Paris on Thursday 19th, before heading to the RIO on

Friday in the early morning (as I will do), we’ll provide everyone (by mail) a free guide of

the records shops in Paris – of course centered on avant-prog, RIO etc.

This festival is for us an important test, even somewhat frightening as we have no

experience in the organization of live events. If it is successful it might open the way for a yearly

event connected with the RIO fest in Carmaux, of course including in the line-up other

bands. We already have a few ideas for the future (bands, location) but, at first, the 2013

event has to be a positive experience. By positive, we mean human & musical, the finance

being for sure in loss.

That’s it for the moment, all future announcements will be made here + posts on forums,

Facebook etc, so stay tuned ..!

Accomodation suggestions in the close area of the festival

-A few hotels not far from the hall

-While in Paris, here is a selection of good music shops


63 Boulevard de Belleville

75011 PARIS